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In July 1987 "Lakeshore" Teresa's Deli opened for business at 5360 West Lake Road just one mile west of the airport as we direct all who call us. After the split from Teresa's Italian Deli in 1988 we still continued to concentrate on subs, pizzas and a small lunchmeat trade. Throughout the years we have become absolutely legendary for our sub sandwiches especially for our 2lb. King Combo which is comprised of a variety of premium meats and cheeses packed in a fresh sub roll and bathed with our delicious homemade Italian dressing. The recipe for our subs has been our trademark for success over the years and to this day our subs are still the benchmark used to compare all other sub sandwiches in the tri-state area!


In 1988 we began to build upon our menu with the help of my family's homemade recipes. My mother, Grace, and our famous Aunt Rosey still hand make from scratch all of the Meatballs, Lasagna, Spaghetti and Pizza Sauce, Pizza Dough, Alfredo Sauce ... And the list goes on!

Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to have some very good cooks join our business such as my sister-in-law, Robin, my aunt Mary Ann and our adopted Pia. Today our family of cooks takes making your family's dinner very personal just as if we were making food for our family! We have always preferred that magic touch of Mama in the kitchen that no one can seem to duplicate and even though we have grown over ten fold since 1988, mom and Aunt Rosey insist on making all of the food by hand for that special flavor and satisfaction of good taste.

Make "Lakeshore" Teresa's Deli your next stop for a delicious homemade pizza or giant sub. While you're there not only will you see my mom and Aunt Rosey in the kitchen but you'll also be very impressed with our courteous staff and how clean our store is. All of this is due to our old fashion values and standards!

We are often asked about expanding to other locations and maybe someday we will but for now we firmly believe that expansion leads to lower quality and consistency in the food and service. We've all seen it happen time and time again. Catering has been our answer to expansion and has proved to be even more successful with our customer's satisfaction than we ever imagined.

Come and visit our family at Lakeshore Teresa's Deli and "Taste the Difference".

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